I’ve fallen off my task here. My task is to raise awareness of the impending war, but I’ve been distracted by the usual suspects–politicians, celebrities, media, etc. It’s time to get this show back on track.

There is a war coming, and people will make a choice or die. The war will be between two of the most basic ideologies that have ever existed: Order and Chaos.

Have you ever wondered why a glass cup shatters when it hits the ground, but cannot pull itself back together afterwards? Of course not, there’s no reason to challenge reality, right? It’s exactly this belief (and I say belief because I doubt most people can actually explain WHY?) which allows Chaos to continue to pull the Verse apart from it seams. Entropy is the word given to this strange phenomenon, but it doesn’t have to be so. Living creatures follow a natural circle, a state of homeostasis, and so can inanimate objects. But it all depends on power, on strength of conviction and believing it to be so.

The world was flat before someone believed it was round. Who’s to say the world wasn’t flat before then? How can someone possibly prove it? By raising their voice and shouting something like ‘Common sense, Bathrushia!’? Common sense, eh? So why didn’t common sense tell people that the sun was the center of the solar system, and not the Earth?

It’s a peculiar conundrum we find ourselves in. I believe in psychology they call it ‘cognitive dissonance’. To believe the impossible to be real, we must suspend our beliefs of what reality is. Many minds have gotten stuck in this gray zone, this quicksand, but a gentle pull is usually all it takes to free them.

The plain and simple explanation for why Chaos seems to be winning is that Chaos IS winning. The Archetypes move from Verse to Verse, capturing the natives and forcing them to believe in their ideology or concept. Imagine a world where the natives don’t believe in death. Would they die? They would have no reason to think they would; is that enough to save them?

Yes, it is.

‘Bathrushia, you’re off your rocker again.’

Perhaps. Perhaps not. There’s only one way to find out.

Till next time, dear friends…


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