You’ve met these people a thousand times, living vicariously through a series of quotes and sayings, anecdotes and morals. They draw on the energy of words spoken by a person they’ve never met and probably know very little about. Their life is defined by ideologies and beliefs that would otherwise go unspoken because they can’t explain them in their own words. But just how foolish is it to live your life through quotes?

Let us start with Exhibit A:

“I cannot live without books” (Thomas Jefferson), but how can that be so when “I hate books; they only teach people to talk about things which they don’t understand” (Jean-Jacques Rousseau)?

Two equally important figures throughout the sands of time, but now a line has been drawn between them. And with that line, more lines are drawn throughout the masses as they can only pick one to hold on to. Which shall it be?

Exhibit B:

“Words build bridges into unexplored regions.”

What a delightful thought! A true testament to the power of communication. I should like to see how many people say this to at least one other person after having seen it, and when that other person asks “Who said that?”–smile and politely respond “Adolf Hitler,” for that’s who said these words of wisdom.

Till next time, dear friends…


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