Is this for real?

This has to be a bad dream. There’s no way Americans would be stupid enough to elect yet another celebrity after all the mishaps, right? What credentials does this man bring to the table? Do you think Trump would hire a librarian to run one of his office buildings? No, so why would Americans elect a businessman into the most powerful political position available?

The man cannot pick a political party, switching between Republican, Democrat and even Independent within the past decade. He cannot pick a spouse, having been married three times. Seriously? How would he pick a vice president–have an ‘Apprentice’-styled show?

And before anyone starts shouting “That would be awesome,” please remember what positions are at stake here–YOU PAY FOR THESE POSITIONS TO EXIST!!! Do you really care that little about politics? And if the answer is yes, then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Change it so you might actually care who runs the most powerful country on your planet.

However, should you ignore ol’ Bathrushia’s warning, do not come crawling back four years from now asking for help. I will enjoy watching America get sucked dry of its resources by this greedy mongrel. I will enjoy watching the country get bombed into oblivion, as he destroys all peace ties with every country on the planet because he has no idea what he’s doing. That is your future should you elect a celebrity to actually do important work.

Till next time, dear friends…


7 thoughts on “Is this for real?

  1. Well said! Obviously some people are being distracted by the insults and the charismatic image that Trump is depicting during this campaign. He is simply reflecting the frustration and irritation that some votes have with the current government, but are simply choosing the wrong candidate to speak for them. I cannot imagine the wars and the arrogance that this country will experience with a president who shouts about “you will be bored with winning.” This country should not be about winning or being the greatest country in the world. We should be respected, not feared, in order to be a great nation. But I guess a lot of people rather be marginalized and be the center of attention.

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  2. Love the picture! Is it real? I think Americans especially the middle class are showing their anger at politicians in supporting, at least momentarily, a businessman, non-politician. There is a prescidence of non-politician presidents but most were generals. The politicians haven’t done very credible job, and I like Dr. Carson!

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    1. ‘The middle class are showing their anger’? I like that you’re thinking outside the box, but I don’t know that I completely agree. What is the middle class angry about? Obama? The senate? The house of representatives? From what I can tell it’s mostly conservatives causing the holdups and shut downs, so why would the middle class retaliate by joining them? P.S. – I like Carson too. I love his low key, I-know-I’m-ready-for-this-job mentality.


      1. I think the middle class Trusted the Republicans when they made promises to get other things done if they were elected. Nada! I think the middle class was promised unfulfilled things in 2010, 2012, 2014, and they are not falling for the same worthless promises this time. No doubt there has been nothing of the sorts in my lifetime!


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