Q&A Tuesday

Ah, welcome back after an extended delay. Being scholar means I am an ever-lasting student, and as such I have spent some time away at conferences and meetings and such. But I have returned today with the esteemed privilege of sitting down with one of the most intriguing personas of the last decade or so: Vasari, the unofficial leader of the Hackitects.

Q: Vasari, I’m so thankful to have you here today. Given the circumstances, I understand that anonymity is of the utmost importance, which stands as reasoning for this interview taking place via satellite.

A: Yes.

Q: Right, well if I may, I’d like to start with the question on everybody’s mind, why did you choose to name your following the ‘Hackitects’? Seems a bit paradoxical, if you ask me. To hack means to dismember, and tect comes from the Greek work tekton, or builder. So if we take a quite literal meaning, the Hackitects are dismembering builders.

A: That’s right. We are the deconstructors of the modern era.

Q: ‘Deconstructors of the modern era’? What exactly do you mean by that?

A: We are the vigilantes of the internet. We stand to enforce that which allows unlimited freewill. If someone claims to be something they are not, if a service is provided which would otherwise be immoral or unethical in the physical world, if evidence is hidden behind a firewall that proves the innocent are in fact guilty–we will be there to correct these injustices.

Q: But your tactics are in and of themselves injustice. I believe that’s called a hypocrite.

A: Do not the police use dogs and weapons to take down criminals? If my dog bit my neighbor the way these attack dogs do, the system would have it put down. If I walked up to a person and shot them with a taser, wouldn’t I suffer some sort of consequence? You call it hypocrisy; I call it a service rendered.

Q: But officers of the law are trained to know when and how to do such things. What credentials does your group have?

A: There are no codes or regulations for hunting down cyber-criminals. We do what we feel is necessary. And until someone provides a system for tracing such maladies, until someone can hunt us down and bring us out into the light, we will continue to provide this service for the world.

Q: Are you trying to convince me and my listeners that there are no rules and regulations for the internet? Vasari, can you hear me? Are you there?

Yikes, we seem to have a had a technical difficulty. Well, there you have it. Apparently these cyber-criminals will continue to assault your internet lives until there’s some sort of traceable fingerprint to reveal the truth from the lies. I can’t say I completely agree with their tactics, but the logic behind it surely is tantalizing to say the least.

Till next time, dear friends…


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