Change? Can You Spare Some Change?

What a lazy, muggy afternoon. And what better way for ol’ Bathrushia to spend it but by watching cars pass through the DMV. And it wasn’t so much the necessity of the matter that upset me: it was the fact that the DMV makes the car owner pay for the necessity.

Why, oh why, do lawmakers pass a law which the general renouncement must pay for? If they want the masses to have their cars checked regularly, then why not pay for this service? Of course it would be paid for through taxes, so it’s an inevitable lose-lose situation. Even still, Americans pay over $4 billion a year fighting terrorism and yet it still exists (American taxpayers spend nearly $10 million a day fighting ISIS).

How no one considers this stealing is far beyond my level of comprehension. They take your money, spend it on whatever they want without really asking, and jail, fine or levy anyone who refuses. Perhaps this country has grown too large. Perhaps multiple sites of leadership are necessary to operate this massive conglomeration. The east coast has D.C., but the north, south, and west have nothing. And do not speak to me of senators and governors. These walking wastes of space and money do nothing but please their masters in the Capitol City.

Togetherness, friends. Walk as one, talk as one, and the leaders of the world will have no choice but to listen to you as one. They cannot exist without your cooperation.

Till next time, dear friends…


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