Is the Universe Really That Big?

Hey there, boys and girls. I thought I’d share a list of ten things that I hope will happen to your planet at some point. While some items will enhance your species’ understanding, most are just for my sheer enjoyment.

10) I should hope that someday you make it to another planet with a different carbon life form. I wonder what you would do…

9) How long will it take you to figure out fusion already? Gawd!

8) The creation of AI soldiers.

7) The near-extinction by number 8.

6) I would love to see what you could do if all the nuclear weapons were disabled and the materials were put to another purpose. What could you build?

5) Then again, nuclear war would be fun to watch…

4) Maybe, just maybe, for one day alone I would like to see your social structure collapse, just for a few hours. Total anarchy.

3) As much as I want you to meet another life form peacefully, I think it’d be much more fun to watch humans be enslaved.

2) I hope you find your “God”. Boy, are you in for a surprise when you meet the entity that created Earth…

1) I truly hope for everyone’s sake that Earth enters a new ice age due to the undervalue placed on climate control. And I hope that a lot of people are killed. Period.

There you have it, ten things I hope will happen to your species before its inevitable extinction.

Till next time, dear friends…


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